How to Apply Directly to the University of Northampton

Date 5 October 2022

This blog will guide you through the main steps on making a postgraduate or direct application to the University of Northampton.

Course Enquiries Team

How to Apply: Directly to Us

If you are looking to apply for a postgraduate course, a part time course or if you are an International applicant you do not need to apply via UCAS you can apply directly to us via our website.

The application process

  1. Go to the course page of the course you wish to study. Visit our course hub for our full range of available degrees and courses.
  2. Toward the top of the page please click the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  3. Select where you are from. Please note that if you are a UK undergraduate student looking for full time, the option will not be there, you will need to go to UCAS to apply.
  4. Select full time, part time or distance learning. Please check with our course enquires team if you are unsure on what mode of study is available for your specific course.
  5. Select when you would like to study. If you can not see the academic year of study you wish to take please let the enquires team know and they can look into this for you.
  6. Check all of the info is correct, then click apply now, this will open up the online application for the course. Please check that the course name and academic year are correct, which will be at the top of the page.

SITS application portal

7. Create a new user if you have not applied using this service before or fill in your existing log in details. If you create a new account you will get an email to confirm that your application account has been created.

8. Once you have logged in you will see a checklist of all the things the application needs from you.

SITS application form

9. You can complete them in any order. Make sure you fill in as much information as possible for each of the sections. You do not need to complete them all at once you can go back to them at a later date. Here is some brief information on what each of these sections include:

Personal details

Please fill in all * marked boxes these questions will include details such as your name, gender, nationality etc.

Contact details

If your contact details change once your application has been submitted then you can log back into your account and amend the information.

Agent details

If you are an International applicant using an Agent to apply please select an option from the drop down. If you are a not using an agent, please leave this blank and click ‘save and continue’.


In this section you will need to submit all of your relevant qualifications, please check the course entry requirements for information on what qualifications the admissions team will need to see. You will need to upload your certificates, if you have an issue uploading these please send them directly to the admissions team.

If you are looking for possible module exemptions, then this is the section where you need to upload evidence of your previous qualifications, so that the admissions team to assess this possibility. This is known as Accredited Prior Learning (APL).


You can add your CV, details of any professional work experience, your NMC pin (if relevant) etc all in this part of the application. This section is particularly important if you are applying for a professional course or a postgraduate course which requires work experience.

Personal statement

Your personal statement needs to be created in Microsoft Word then uploaded into this part of the application. You can not type it directly in. It should be 1,000 words maximum explaining your interest in the subject area, relevant research experience/study experience, any academic work that you have published.

Passport and Visa

If you are an International student you will need provide passport information and VISA details. If you are a UK student, you will need to add in details of any previous study in the UK.


Please let us know how you wish to fund your course. Information on fees and funding can be found on our fees and funding pages.


Take time to read through the data protection statement, declaration etc.

Once each section is completed all sections will be ticked. You can submit your application! Yay!

If you need to send in any additional documents, please email them into the admissions team. If you have any questions about any of the sections and what is required please do get in touch with us.

You can log into your account at anytime to check the status of your application.

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Course Enquiries Team
Course Enquiries Team

Course Enquiries are on hand via email, phone, WebChat and WhatsApp to answer any questions you have about coming to or applying to University.