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Booking your Test

The competency test centre at the University of Northampton is a bespoke assessment area specifically designed and built for the delivery of the OSCE.

Part two of the test costs £794. The cost is the same whether you are an individual or a candidate from a Trust or Agency.

A full refund will be given only if more than three weeks’ notice is given of a cancellation or re-schedule. Refund rates are as follows:

  • over 3 weeks of cancellation notice: full refund
  • less than 3 weeks cancellation notice: no refund, unless in exceptional circumstances, for which a medical certificate may be requested

No refund will be given for non-attendance or if no prior notice (within the stated time above) of cancellation is given.

Methods of payment

Our booking system will allow for those who pay via debit/credit purchase card to book the slots themselves. To do this, please email for the protected links and the system will ask for mandatory fields of information in order to complete the booking. The University of Northampton will only provide dates of tests for those eligible according to the NMC.

Alternatively those who pay by purchase order or invoice, may request bookings through Please note a copy of the original purchase order and full candidate details will be required in order to confirm a booking. The system will not accept blank, reserved entries, or candidates that are not yet eligible to book.

If you are paying by invoice alone (without a purchase order), please note full payment of the invoice must be made prior to proceeding with the booking. Please take this into account when requesting a booking as this method can take longer to process and therefore availability is likely to change.

Candidates will receive individual, password protected access to our internal learning platform which will provide them with all the information they will need to prepare themselves for the examination.

Please note that we strongly recommend at least 14 days access to the online material in order to help candidates prepare sufficiently for the exam.

Should your candidate need to re-sit a partial re-sit will cost £397 or a full re-sit will cost £794.

What are the potential results?

  • Pass: Candidates who pass all six stations
  • Partial Fail: Candidates who fail up to four stations across both the APIE and/or skill stations will require a resit at 50% cost.  If you need to resit the APIE station(s) you will be given your original paperwork from the APIE stations you passed in your previous attempt in order to complete the resit stations in sequence.
  • Fail: Candidates who fail five or more stations across both the APIE and skills stations will require a resit at 100% cost. You will need to resit the APIE station(s) you failed and the skill station(s) you failed. You will be given the same scenario and your original paperwork from the APIE stations you passed in your previous attempt in order to complete the resit stations in sequence.
  • Full Fail: Candidates who fail any station on their 3rd attempt will require 6 months to elapse before they can reapply to the NMC.

Should you need to book a re-sit please allow ten working days between original test date and re-sit to allow for additional preparation and digestion of feedback. Please contact to book.

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