Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

The University of Northampton is committed to providing a vibrant, ethical and sustainable work, study and living environment that values equality, diversity and inclusion.

This commitment, along with our legal and moral obligations, provides an inclusive environment for staff, students and the public who may be affected by our activities.

The equality and diversity activity is managed through key committees and implemented via formal policies, guidance and plans. The responsibility of equality and diversity extends beyond the University to also include subsidiary companies and collaborative partnerships.

Together @ UON

Our Commitment to Equality and Inclusion

​Together @ UON confirms our commitment to equality and inclusion, underpinned by our belief in taking action. We are dedicated to creating an environment that celebrates equality and harnesses the power of diversity. Together @ UON demonstrates our pledge to our staff, students and partners to nurture and develop an environment where equality and inclusion can thrive whilst we Transform Lives and Inspire Change.

UON Commitments

UON has three major commitments in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion:

  • Disability Confident
  • Standalone Pledge
  • IHRA working definition

Please access the accordions below for more information surrounding our commitments:

  • In September 2019 the University extended our commitment to the Disability Confident Scheme by signing up to level 2 and becoming a Disability Confident employer.

    Previously known as the Two Ticks scheme, this is a voluntary scheme and involves self-assessment against statements relating to recruiting, retaining and developing disabled people and developing our people. Not only does this help disabled people and those with long term health conditions have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations but it enables the University to access the valuable skills which disabled people can bring to the University.

    To find out more about the Disability Confident Scheme visit:  https://disabilityconfident.campaign.gov.uk/

  • We recognise the specific needs of our estranged students and as such we are committed to enhancing our existing provision to ensure it is better targeted and accessible to those students and ensuring it has a positive impact on their attainment, wellbeing, and life chances. Working with our estranged students, we are committed to expanding our provision, building on what works and what our students need.

    Our Standalone Pledge is to create an environment where all estranged students can thrive, with a focus on:


    • The provision of a student benefit package for the three years of undergraduate study to improve student success.
    • The provision of a bursary up to £1,500 for all estranged undergraduate students.
    • Access to temporary and casual work that fits in with studying so students can earn while they learn
    • Access to specialist financial guidance support.
    • Discount on post-graduate course fees


    • Flexible tenancies arrangements for UON accommodation.
    • The University will work with private landlords to improve access to accommodation in the private sector.

    Mental Health and Wellbeing

    • Access to free sports and societies through the Northampton Student Union (NSU)
    • Access to mental health services and counselling.
    • Prioritisation within the university’s wellbeing community.

    Outreach and transition

    • Use of the Student Loans Company data to help identify students
    • Raise the profile of the support available through the University’s website, open days, and induction events.
    • Sign posting to support services through the student hub and as part of our transition in to higher education activities.
    • Working with local partners through our schools and community outreach work to improve pathways to higher education and expand support provision
  • UON’s University Management Team committed to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism in November 2021 and as such the IHRA is included in our Equality and Diversity Policy which directs the work of our student and staff EDI forums.

    For more information about the IHRA and the working definition of anti-Semitism please access the IHRA webpages.

  • Access and Participation Plans (APP) set out how a higher education provider will sustain or improve access, student success and progression among people from under-represented and disadvantaged groups.

    View the full Access and Participation Plan information on our designated webpage.

  • You can download a copy of the University’s policies, reports, and guidance for equality, inclusion, and diversity:

    Policies and Plans



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