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Wayne Chisnall – BA (Hons) Fine Art

Wayne Chisnall case study

Success from Fine Art

Wayne graduated from the University of Northampton’s Fine Art degree in 1999. Although renowned for his sculpture, Wayne is also a painter, print maker, photographer and illustrator. His work has appeared in galleries around the world, and featured in magazines and on TV (including BBC2’s The Culture Show, Channel 4 News and 2008 film Scratch).

Now based in East London, Wayne also works four days a week as a gallery technician/object handler for the Victoria and Albert Museum. He travels extensively on the museum’s behalf, working on the installation and de-installation of international art shows.

Wayne has produced designs for architect and interior design firms, and he has just completed the graphic work used for the interior of Ping Pong; a dim sum restaurant adjacent to Wembley Stadium.

Advantages of my degree

“Even though I was a practicing artist before I attended Northampton, I believe my course gave me the opportunity to experiment and find my greater artistic potential. When I started the course I believed I was going to become a printmaker, but halfway through I started working in sculpture, and found what I believe to be the start of my true path as an artist.

“All of the practical/technical knowledge that I gained at Northampton, mostly in the printmaking and 3D studios, have been very useful for my artistic practice. The amount of feedback I received from my tutors taught me to question what I was doing, and to defend my reasoning whenever required. The University of Northampton allowed me to find my artistic voice.”


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