Web Development and Cybersecurity BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Web Development and Cybersecurity BSc 2022.

Welcome to the Web Development and Cybersecurity course at the University of Northampton. The following guide is designed to provide you with some essential information about your course, and how you can make the best of your time while studying with us.

Cyber Security continues to dominate the headlines and has a major influence in the privacy and confidentiality of millions of people.

The Web Development and Cybersecurity course focuses on equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to be able to develop robust online applications that manage the challenges faced in the design, development, and maintenance of secure on online applications that are needed to run on computing devices to include, laptops, smartphones.

The course you’ve selected offers the qualification that is industry relevant and attractive to potential employers. The fundamental aim is to provide you with the employability skills that are needed to obtain a career within this ever-growing industry.

I am confident that with the required commitment and work ethic, you will enjoy the material presented throughout your course at the University.

Good luck with your studies

Your Programme Leader

Mr Amir Minai

Senior Lecturer in Computing


Welcome and Induction Session

There will be an online session that gives new students an opportunity to ask general questions about the Web Development and Cybersecurity course, living and studying here at Northampton:

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