Sport Coaching BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Sport Coaching BSc 2022.

The BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching degree is designed to develop your key coaching skills and behaviours and to understand how our coaching styles and approaches influence our athletes.

The course will develop skills such as long-term planning, reflective practice, conducting athlete needs analysis and understanding pedagogy in different sporting environments. For sports coaches to take a holistic approach to their athletes’ development we need to have an understanding the physiological, technical, psychological, and social factors that feed into the long-term athlete development. As well as developing performance analysis skills and putting all our practical coaching skills into the real world, through our local clubs and organisations.

You can expect to study in your first semester (Sept 22 – Jan 23) the following modules:

  • SPO1039 – How to be successful (Module Leader – Dr Emma Buxton)
  • SPO1024 – Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology (Dr Mairi Mulvenna)
  • SPO1041 – Sport Coaching Practice Dr Emma Buxton)

In the second semester (Jan 23 – May 23), you can expect to study the following modules:

  • SPO1042 – Sport Coaching Science (Module Leader – Dr Emma Buxton)
  • SPO1028 – The Social Context of Sport (Module Leader – James Mason)
  • SPO1011 – Sport Pedagogy for Coaching (Module Leader – Karen Woolley)

Your Programme Leader

Emma Buxton, Lecturer in Sport Coaching

Dr Emma Buxton

Lecturer in Sport Coaching


Welcome and Induction Session

We are aware that starting at university can be a big life event and so to welcome you to BSc Sport Coaching and help you understand how everything works, and we would like to invite you to a pre-induction online chat:


  • Where to go on your first day, how to read a timetable, how to use NILE, meet the programme leader and teaching team.

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the session and remember the session will be recorded for data protection purposes

During the online meet on Monday 12 September, you will get the opportunity to meet some of the programme team. We will also be having some welcome activities during the week commencing 26 September (your first teaching week) and there will be plenty of time to meet and get to know us and each other.


You are not required to buy any compulsory textbooks or kit to start this course.

Sport Coaching is a heavily practical based course so students will require sportwear for many modules. We will provide all students with one of our course branded t-shirts, and students can purchase further course branded kit from Kit Locker. While purchasing additional kit is optional, we do encourage you to consider buying a pair of leggings/ tracksuit bottoms for circumstances when completing work based learning activities and representing both our course and institution at events.

Additionally, at the start of the first term you will be given a choice of certain offers (i.e. free laptop, £500 off Halls accommodation etc.) we would highly recommend and advise you to pick the laptop offer because you will be required to use different software throughout the 3 years of your degree.

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

We recommend that you create a LinkedIn profile and join our University of Northampton Sports Network as this can help you with placement positions, jobs and future employment. It is not compulsory, but it will help.

You will need to provide a profile picture on your account and a title explaining that you are a ‘First Year Undergraduate Sport Coaching BSc Student’ and then connect with Saul Cuttell to ask to be admitted to the group.

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