Software Engineering BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Software Engineering BSc 2022.

Dear Software Engineering Student,

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Software Engineering course here at the University of Northampton. My name is Dr Mark Johnson. As the software engineering course leader, I’m responsible for ensuring that your time on your course is a positive, engaging and valuable life experience.  As part of a committed course team that will be teaching you in your first year of study, I’m confident that all the team will do their best to deliver high-quality, challenging, course material that will ensure you get a good grounding of the essential skills and knowledge required to have a successful career in the Software Engineering industry.

I will be looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in September. Do have a great summer and I will hopefully see you very soon.

Your Programme Leader

Mark Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Mark Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Computing


Welcome and Induction Session

In addition to your normal classes in your first week at the University of Northampton, there will be an online session where I will go through some critical information relating to your studies:

  • I will address key topics including:-

    • How to do well on the course.
    • Essential University Rules and Regulations.
    • The structure of the academic year.
    • Your responsibilities and duties as a student at the University of Northampton.
    • An outline of the personal tutorial process. (Your personal tutor will be identified in this session)


    Please note this may be subject to change based on finalised timetables, but if there are any issues, I will ensure I notify you well in advance.

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