Sociology BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to BA (Hons) Sociology 2022.

Welcome to Sociology at the University of Northampton! Our Sociology degree explores the latest sociological questions and their methodological implications, allowing you to develop your understanding of how humans shape and are shaped by the societies they live in. You will have the opportunity to investigate areas such as inequality, migration, gender, the environment, death and the future.

Our degree focuses on academic excellence, high standards of methodological training and empirical professional experience, and our super supportive staff team is here to support you throughout! You will be taught in small groups and get to apply what you’ve learned to contemporary real-life examples. Assessment is taken in a variety of formats, including essays, journals, posters and presentations. There is a strong focus on employability throughout the Sociology degree and you will gain a broad set of transferable skills that can help with your future.

There is also a range of social opportunities, for example through the Sociology Society run by our current students, the Student Union, and the university more broadly.

We’re excited to welcome you onto the Sociology programme at UON, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Your Programme Leader

James White

Senior Lecturer in Sociology | Programme and Deputy Subject Leader in Sociology

Welcome and Induction Sessions

Please attend our BA (Hons) Sociology welcome and induction session to help prepare you for your new course. You can find information below.

  • To prepare you for the first week and beyond – including information on staff, modules, timetables, services, expectations etc.

    Please attend so that you are properly prepared.

Our Campus