Social Work MA Welcome Pack

Welcome to Social Work MA February 2023.

You will be supported to develop your professional identity and effective practice through a blend of key academic modules which will develop your research and critical analytical abilities through exploring relevant legislation, policy, practice focused theories and models of interventions.

There are two rigorous placement experiences (70 and 100-day full time opportunities in year 1 and year 2) with the focus being on applying your academic knowledge to different types of practice. Within the placements you will be required to evidence Social Work professional standards and illustrate in your work the necessary skills, judgement and professionalism appropriate to the delivery of effective assessment and support for those in need within our communities.

Your Programme Leader

Scott Parker, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Scott Parker

Senior Lecturer in Social Work


Skills Development Sessions

Embedded within the Programme are a range of at least 30 skills development sessions, which sit outside of the academic modules. These are aimed to further enhance your practice skills in readiness for the 70 and 100-day placement opportunities. The skills days have a range of academic staff and external practitioners facilitating/delivering your learning and professional development. These sessions are mandatory and are seen as key to underpinning your preparation and readiness for practice.

Our Campus