Primary Education 5-11 BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to BA Primary
Education 5-11 2022.

Welcome to the University of Northampton and the beginning of your journey to become a creative, dynamic and innovative primary school teacher.

You will learn through a range of experiences both in University and School-based training. These are purposefully integrated to ensure that you develop the required research-informed subject knowledge, professional skills, values and attitudes to secure high levels of children’s attainment, progress, and well-being, as well as gaining a degree.

Your modules are made up of Learning Events with a combination of face to face and online learning. Face-to-face sessions are timetabled, and you will be given this timetable in September once you have enrolled. Online learning can be completed on or offsite.

We pride ourselves on our Super Supportive approach, and you will have a Personal Tutor (PT) based at the University and a trained mentor during each School-based training experience. The PT is your first ‘go to person’ if you have any questions or need support. Plans for how you will meet you PT will be shared in your first week.

Simon and I, and our enthusiastic and experienced team of tutors are looking forward to meeting you and if you would like to know more about what we get up to, then please do follow us on Twitter @PrimaryEdUon. – Gill and Simon.

Your Programme Leader

Gill Chambers, Senior Lecturer in Education

Gill Chambers

Senior Lecturer in Education

Your Year Leader

Simon Chapman, Senior Lecturer in Education

Simon Chapman

Senior Lecturer in Education

Preparing for the year

There are two tasks that we would like to complete before you start:

  • Create a mind map or a drawing to represent your responses to these four questions.

    • What do you think learning is?
    • How do you think children learn?
    • What do children need to learn?
    • What do you need to learn?
  • You are going to learn to teach all aspects of the Primary National curriculum for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Please familiarise yourself with the KS1 and KS2 curriculum.

    Make a note of the subjects where you feel you have strong subject knowledge and those you feel less secure in.


You will require general stationery and you will be taught how to use a range of technological tools. These will be used to increase your own engagement with theory and practice, and you will be able to use these tools in your own teaching.

For each module you will be provided with a reading list and many of our core texts are available electronically.

Welcome video

The below video welcomes you to Primary Education.

Our Campus