Popular Music BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to Popular Music BA 2022.

Welcome. You’re about to undertake a three-year degree in popular music. In year 1, you’ll receive twenty 30-minute lessons on your main instrument, including vocals.

Throughout your three years, you’ll get to complete a range of interesting and exciting assignments including: solo performance to performing on stage in front of a live audience, learning to use DAW software and how to use the recording studio. You’ll learn to understand and apply music theory in your own creative compositions, songs and tracks. As well as learn academic skills and important employability and music industry skills.

At the end of the three years, you’ll have a wide and deep set of skills, knowledge and experience that will set you up for a career in the creative industries or further study.

This course is accredited by Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES) – the industry standard for popular music, music production and media.

Your Programme Leader

Stace Constantinou, Senior Lecturer in Popular Music

Dr Stace Constantinou

Senior Lecturer in Popular Music


Welcome and Induction Sessions

To welcome you to Popular Music, we are holding a series of face-to-face sessions:

  • Introduction to the course, tour of the department, meet staff and your fellow students.

    Please make sure you attend.

  • Getting together in the ‘Booths’, playing & singing. A first look at our popular music performance with our performance tutors. Includes Buddying Up.

    • Date: Monday 26 September
    • Time: 9am – 1pm BST
    • Where: The Development Hub (DH), Music Department. Cliftonville Road, NN1 5FS.

    Bring your instruments. Be ready to sing or play.

  • Individual meeting with Stace Constantinou

    • Date: Monday 26 September
    • Time: 2pm – 4pm BST
    • Where: The Development Hub (DH), Music Department. Cliftonville Road, NN1 5FS.

    Each student will receive a One-to-One time during the first sessions at 10am.

    Please make sure you attend and that you know your One-to-One time. If unsure, email: stace.constantinou@northampton.ac.uk

  • Come play and sing music.

    • Date: TBC
    • Time: TBC
    • Where: TBC

    Optional. But please do attend this social event. And of you want to, please play and/or sing.


  • A musical instrument. We have a supply of guitars, basses and keys, but we recommend you get your own. (Price varies).
  • Vocal microphone. We have a good supply of microphones, but we recommend you get your own. (Price varies but from around £80).
  • Headphones (approximately £60-100).
  • External portable hard drive (approximately £60).
  • Batteries for portable recording equipment. Not needed immediately though so hold off buying for now.
  • SD cards/ USB Flash drives (data sticks). Not needed immediately though so hold off buying for now. (£10-20 for two).
  • Core textbooks and sheet music (approximately £80).
  • Consumables for individual instruments: Jack leads, capos, plectrums, drum skins, drumsticks, reeds, strings, mutes, patch leads etc. (Price varies).

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

Every year we run opportunities for music students to get involved in performance opportunities, including the annual Northampton Music Festival in June. Please speak to me for more information about this.

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