Occupational Therapy BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy 2022.

This course prepares you to work as a Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered occupational therapist. During the first year you will develop your knowledge and skills within anatomy and physiology, occupational therapy theory, and core occupational therapy skills. As you progress through the degree you will continue to develop your knowledge and skills through both university based learning and practice placements. You will develop your academic skills in essay writing, report writing and presentations and will be introduced to a range of services at the university that can help you to further develop these skills. We access a range of teaching and learning strategies to enable you to develop throughout your programme, these include guided pre-learning, workshops, group work, guest speakers, practical skills sessions and placements.

We look forward to welcoming you onto this professional programme and starting your career as an occupational therapist.

Your Programme Leaders

Full Time: Debbie Hewson

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Full Time Extended: Catherine Evans

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Apprenticeships: Jane Campion

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Welcome and Induction sessions

We have two online welcome and induction sessions which you are invited to join. Find details below.

Welcome Video

The below welcome video has been created by BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy to introduce you to the course.


You will be provided with an occupational therapy uniform.  You will need to purchase yourself a pair of black, flat, closed heel and toe shoe for placement.

You will find it useful to purchase a metal style tape measure for use on placement and at university practical sessions.

You will need to complete a L2 Food Hygiene course before you start your first placement such as Food and Hygiene Level 2.

Recommended books:

  • Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy by Edward Duncan
  • Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy by Edward Duncan
  • Creek’s Occupational Therapy and Mental Health by Wendy Bryant, John Fieldhouse and Katrina Bannigan
  • Occupational Therapy for People experiencing Illness, Injury or Impairment by Michael Curtin, Joe Adams and Mary Egan
  • Using Occupational Therapy Models in Practice by Merrill Turpin & Michael Iwama

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

In order to prepare for the course, it is recommended that you engage in the Padlet activities. These activities are design to help you build your understanding of occupational therapy and to ensure that you have completed all pre-enrolment tasks.

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