Health Sciences BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Health Sciences BSc 2022.

On behalf of the Health Sciences team, I welcome you to the University of Northampton and congratulate you on earning your place on the Health Sciences programme in the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology.

I am confident you will find this programme interesting, stimulating, at times challenging, but always rewarding. As a student of Health Sciences, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of the multiple determinants of health and will explore health from a range of disciplines including biology, physiology, nutrition, health psychology, health sociology, politics and ethics.

You will be working with a highly dedicated team of academics, who are passionate about their academic discipline and fully committed to the student learning experience. We look forward to working with you as you progress through the programme, and we wish you every success in reaching your personal and professional goals.

Your Programme Leader

Dr Merryn Ekberg

Senior Lecturer


Our Campus