Fashion Marketing and Promotion BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to BA Fashion Marketing and Promotion 2022.

Fashion marketing and promotion is a multi-disciplinary programme. Career roles in fashion have evolved significantly in recent years with more contemporary paths emerging. Our objective is to provide a degree caters for this expanding sector of fashion career roles. The hybrid nature of the fashion industry increasingly demands versatility across a variety of disciplines. Therefore, the multi-disciplinary nature of this degree provides a current and relevant option for the creative individual, who wants to work in the fashion environment, without being a designer. We look forward to working with you as you join us.

Your Programme Leader

Dr Christina Emmanuel Stephen

Dr. Christiana Emmanuel-Stephen

Acting Programme Leader





Welcome and Induction Session

To welcome you our BA Fashion Marketing and Promotion degree, we have set-up an online welcome and induction session so that you can meet other students on your course as well as some of your course tutors. Please find the details of the session in the accordion below:


Suggested Equipment for Photography Modules

We realise that a photography course makes a number of financial demands upon you. With that in mind we have put together a list of some of the things we would see as essential items.

We have asked some of our current Level 4 (Stage 1) students to indicate the costs involved in buying materials for project storage and completion . It is hoped that this will give you a clearer idea how much you should expected to spend to complete your work. The amount is an average between £50-£85 – you may spend more or less on stationary but this covers sd card(s) and a  portable hard drive

 Essential Items

  • Paper – writing (lined and plain)
  • A portable Hard Drive
  • Pens, pencils, highlighter pens
  • Memory Sticks
  • SD cards
  • A smart phone that can record sound and video (networks and cost is personal but you can find good deals for cheap for unlimited calls and texts per month so shop around).

There is an Art Shop – where you will be able to purchase all the usual items.

Although you are welcome to do so, you will NOT need to purchase your own cameras . It would be more sensible to explore the range of phones and camera phones and  cameras available and see if they are appropriate to your needs if you wanted to purchase one during your studies.  Please be aware that our stocks of digital cameras are primarily Nikon and we have a range of lenses that will fit this make. We do have adaptors for these lenses so that they can be used on Canon cameras. There is also a stock of tripods, lighting equipment and other items that will be available on loan from the equipment store.

The following is a short list of recommended equipment you will need within your First year /level 4 ( Stage 1 study ) Photography module.

Portable external hard drive for backing up all work.

Suggested makes include Iomega, Freecom, LaCie, Hitachi, Western Digital.  Suggested size 1TB/2TB, ensure Mac compatible- as the computers within the department are Macs. Some suggested suppliers:

  • PCWorld
  • Amazon

Your own SD cards- we suggest 3-4 which have at least 32GB of memory. These are essential if you are borrowing our DSLRs and video equipment.  Suggested makes include SanDisk, Lexar,

  • Amazon

Memory sticks/USB Flash drives- 16/32GB- for transferring files and storing lecture slide presentations. Amazon are very cheap for these.

Please remember it is often cheaper to buy on-line- watch for deals.

Some ‘Useful Tips’ from our current students:

  • Buy a good external hard drive as computer failure is not a valid reason for not submitting your work here.
  • Ask the technicians as they are really helpful with advice on lots of camera and hardware stuff.

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