Education Studies BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to BA (Hons) Education Studies 2022.

A very warm welcome to Education Studies.

This is an innovative, contemporary degree and from the very beginning our aim is to really get you thinking and questioning. You are already curious about the world of Education and throughout the course of your study you will be introduced to a wide range of perspectives that will build upon this curiosity. The first year begins with modules that will introduce you to looking at Education through the lens of philosophy, history, sociology and anthropology. As we move then into the second half of your first year we expand this further with a focus on child development as you will then prepare for your four week placement in May. This is the foundation then for further thinking around wider and global perspectives in Year Two, and then into a focus on you developing as a researcher in Year Three. You will build your confidence in placement opportunities during each year of study – you may not have a clear idea yet about what exactly it is that inspires you about Education or where you see yourself in the future, you are in the right place. You are embarking on a journey of discovery! We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Education Studies.

Your Programme Leader

Samantha Weeks, Senior Lecturer in Education

Samantha Weeks

Senior Lecturer in Education (CYF) | Programme Leader Education Studies, 2022 | Play Therapist

Welcome Video

Watch the below video for your introduction to the BA (Hons) Education Studies course.

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