Business Computing BSc Welcome Pack

Welcome to Business Computing BSc 2022.

The programme mission is to equip graduates with the skills needed by early career IS professionals entering the industry. It aims to develop analytical and critical thinking abilities appropriate to graduate level study and to employment, as well as robust subject specific knowledge. The emphasis is on underlying principles and transferable skills, such as web, database and programme design and development, together with IT/IS problem solving techniques. The course equips students with the professional skills to determine user’s needs; manage complex projects; successfully design appropriate user interfaces; and how to deal with the legal and ethical issues that using information systems raises.

You will develop the attitude and ability to adapt to the constant changes in this sector, together with an understanding of the needs of businesses and organisations for well-aligned information systems.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you enjoy your time with us.

Your Programme Leader

Carole Morrell, Programme Leader for Business Computing

Carole Morrell

Senior Lecturer in Computing



Welcome and Induction Session

There will be an online session that gives you an opportunity to ask general questions about the Business Computing course, and living and studying here at Northampton.

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