Scholarships Guide for Applicants

1. Check the criteria

Read through the information thoroughly to see if you meet the criteria – if you’re unsure give us a call or send us an email to check.

2. Check the deadline

If you need a tutor report, you will need to allow some time for this. Applications need to be received before the deadline to be considered, and forms can be emailed to us.

3. Tell us about you

Anything which helps the Trustees to build up a picture of you as an individual will strengthen your application – they want to know that you will be an enthusiastic and committed student.

4. Provide a breakdown of costs

If requested, provide an accurate indication of how the costs will breakdown eg flights, hotel accommodation etc. Be realistic and honest about the costs involved.

5. Be thorough

Take your time when completing your application to make sure you’re happy with it and it reads well.

6. Check your application

Read your application through again, and make sure you have answered all of the questions and provided any additional reports required.

Bad news

If you’re unsuccessful you’ll obviously be disappointed, but scholarships are competitive and a large number of applications are received for most. We will try to give you feedback when we can to help you with future applications.

Good news

If you’re successful you’ll receive correspondence from us confirming the terms and conditions of the award. You will also be required to send a report for the Trustees, when requested.

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