Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice (IPSCJ)

The Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice (IPSCJ) at the University of Northampton delivers high quality research and evaluation, insight and innovation in the fields of public safety, crime and justice.

About Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice

The IPSCJ is situated at the interface between practice, policy and academia, adopting an evidence-based approach to enhance public service delivery models, organisational strategy and outcomes for service users. The IPSCJ collaborates with partner organisations at local, regional, national and international levels. The core mission of the IPSCJ is to support positive evidence-based policy and practice change for the benefit of society.

The objectives of the IPSCJ are:

  • To work with public safety organisations to support innovation, organisational development and evidence-based policy and practice;
  • To contribute high quality research evidence, ideas, insight, innovation and evaluation to developments in public safety policy and practice;
  • To stimulate and shape change and transformation in public safety policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally;
  • To enhance outcomes for service users through evidence-based practice and policy inputs, measuring the impact and value of our recommendations; and
  • To inform organisational strategy and policy, supporting innovation and cultural transformation to improve efficacy, efficiency and workforce productivity and satisfaction.

The IPSCJ teams has a blend of academic, professional and policy expertise and experience. As such, we are uniquely positioned to offer dynamic, innovative and flexible services to public safety and justice organisations.


The IPSCJ has five key research and evaluation portfolios:

  • Health and Justice: We explore intersections between health and justice, working with a wide range of partners and agencies in community and prison settings.
  • Citizens in Policing: We investigate the roles, functions, and contributions of volunteers within public safety and policing.
  • Children and Young People: We work with children and young people taking a child-centred and participatory approach to research and evaluation.
  • Organisational Development: We support organisations to understand practices, structures, and cultures to improve effectiveness and lead change.
  • Equality, Vulnerability and Inclusion: We empower individuals and communities whose voices are not often heard to take part in research and evaluation.

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