‘What’s wrong with Politics’ event lead by University’s Green Party Society

Date 16.11.2015

The University of Northampton’s Student Union welcomed Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party to Park Campus yesterday (3 December), to meet with staff and students and discuss the University’s sustainability and future plans.

Members of the Green Party Society, organised the ‘What’s Wrong With Politics’ event, which saw Amelia and Sean Kippin, Managing Editor at Democratic Audit, debate the state of UK Politics.

While on campus Amelie and Sean discovered how the University’s Students’ Union are involved in shaping the Green Agenda at the University, specifically through the Planet Too initiative. Planet Too, a student-led programme designed to transform thinking and behaviours around sustainable development and sustainable business ethics at the University, has launched a variety of sustainable activities on campus, including an allotment, reusable water bottles for sports teams and a bike rental scheme for students.

A discussion with academics, including Dr Robin Crockett, Reader from the School of Science and Technology gave Amelia the opportunity to hear more detail about the University’s various environmental initiatives and sustainability plans, both current and for the new campus development– including the Uno Buses social enterprise.

At the end of her visit, Amelia commented: “The University of Northampton clearly have strong commitments to social and environmental change through engagement of both their students and the local community. The planet too programme is truly inspirational and key to proving to the student body that sustainability is part of their everyday life.

“At The Green Party, we’re working to encourage voter registration for young people to ensure that young people’s voices are being heard in democratic decision making. I look forward to hearing about Northampton University’s next steps to prove to their students the power of their vote.”

Bradley Alsop, from the University of Northampton Students’ Union Green Party Society said: “Healing the rift between student’s and politics is the most important thing we can be doing- to be giving them the belief that their voices are important and their skills are valued, and giving them hope that they can see positive change in their lifetimes- this is the most pressing issue for my generation.”