Welcoming our new Associate Professors

Date 15.08.2022

Eleven new faces join a growing list of University academics recognised for their excellence in teaching and research.

The title of Associate Professor recognises academics significant contributions and future commitment to developing, enhancing, and leading in learning and teaching, professional practice, and enterprise and research.

The newest Associate Professors makes 33 in total across the institution and represent a diverse range of disciplines, from engineering to law and psychology to sport.

Dr Cathy Smith, UON Dean of Research, Impact and Innovation, said: “Congratulations to all our new Associate Professors.

“Their thoughts – outlined below – highlight the breadth of their academic contribution and the enthusiasm they have for supporting the University in its ambitions. The work of all the those who were successful this year adds great value to our student and staff experience.

“They will no doubt continue this trend of excellence as Associate Professors, and I look forward to seeing, hearing and benefitting from their future ambitions.”


Patrice Seuwou (Senior Lecturer in Digital Business) said: “I am extremely proud and feel privileged to have been awarded the title of Associate Professor in Learning and Teaching at the University of Northampton.

“I would like to thank the selection panel for formally recognising the work I have been doing on the award gap for students from ethnic and culturally diverse backgrounds in higher education, as well as my work on equality, diversity, and inclusion at national and international level.

“As educators, I believe we are here to enhance our knowledge and understanding to facilitate learning and transform students’ lives and inspire change. I desire to continue to make a valuable contribution to learning and teaching across disciplines, research, scholarship, and outreach at the University.”

Roshni Khatri (Subject Leader – Health Professions) said: “I am humbled and delighted to be appointed as an Associate Professor. I am looking forward to the opportunities this brings to disseminate research evidence to showcase some of the amazing work being done by my colleagues and the students as they improve the health and wellbeing of our county and much wider. I look forward to working with my dedicated, innovative, and inspirational colleagues to enhance our learning and teaching practices.”

Abdeldjalil Bennecer (Senior Lecturer in Engineering) added: “I am delighted that my contributions to the general field of non-destructive testing have been recognised. I am grateful to many talented and dedicated colleagues, students and mentors who have worked closely with me over the years and collectively contributed to the advancement of this field.

“I hope to continue to raise the profile of non-destructive testing and encourage more people to enter the discipline and make a valuable contribution to research and scholarship at the University and beyond.”

Dilshad Sarwar (Subject Leader, Business Systems and Operations) commented: “As a newly appointed Associate Professor in Business Systems and Operations, I would like to thank the panel for recognising my research contributions. I would also like to express my gratitude to my colleagues, collaborators, co-authors, and past and current students for their kind support.

“The title of Associate Professor will provide me with the opportunity to continue enhancing my research, as well as enabling me to provide guidance and mentorship to early-stage researchers. I am excited to continue working with the research community both within the University of Northampton and externally.”

Simon Sneddon (Senior Lecturer in Law) said: “I am very proud and pleased to have been an Associate Professor of Learning and Teaching. It is wonderful to have the formal recognition that my work within learning and teaching has been independently judged to be of this quality and level of impact. The title gives me a fantastic opportunity to work with colleagues across and outside UON to help shape learning and teaching practice.”

Tony Baross (Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology) said: “I am incredibly proud to have been awarded the title of Associate Professor at the University of Northampton. This shows my peers recognise the high quality of my research and demonstrates my international standing within my research area. I greatly look forward to continuing to drive the research agenda with the Faculty and the research centre. I am keen to work closely with the other Associate Professors and develop research collaboration at UON and internationally, to further develop our research profile and the impact of our work.”

Dr Tim Curtis (Senior Lecturer, Foundation Framework) said: “I am incredibly proud and humbled to have been awarded the title of Associate Professor at the University of Northampton. The award shows my peers recognise that my research and practice in the field of ‘Changemaking’ is of high quality and demonstrate international impact. I greatly look forward to continuing to drive the vision of the University that all students should gain experience in making positive social and environmental change, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I look forward to working closely with the other Associate Professors and the wider research community at UON to develop our profile and the impact of our work within our own, and the wider community.”

Ed Johnston (Senior Lecturer in Law) said: “I am delighted to be awarded the title of Associate Professor at the University of Northampton. I believe this title will help me develop in the field of criminal justice. I am also looking forward to contributing to the growing research culture and level of expertise in the Faculty of Business and Law.”

Cal Cooper (Senior Lecturer in Psychology) adds: “I am delighted to be recognised for my research activities and grant captures, with the title of Associate Professor. We have many interesting projects on the go in FHES and Psychology, from funded projects to research degrees, and I am honoured to be involved in a variety of them. I look forward in the coming months to seeing many of these through to completion, collaborating on the publications and achieving the impact they deserve.”

Ecem Karlıdağ-Dennis (Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact) concludes with: “I am so pleased to hear that I was awarded an Associate Professorship! I learnt the news just before going into my maternity leave which meant so much to me.

“I feel very excited and looking forward to further contributing to research at the University. Many thanks to the panel and the people who have supported me and provided guidance throughout my career.”

Ebenezer Laryea, Associate Professor in Sustainable Development Law, concludes: “I am delighted, humbled and full of gratitude to have been awarded the title of Associate Professor. Words can little describe the immense sense of pride I feel about the special relationships we have built with our collaborative partners in industry, and all the amazing research projects I have had the privilege of working on with colleagues over the years. I look forward to continuing to play my role to see the University established as a research partner upon which businesses and charities across the globe can rely, to help solve mankind’s biggest and most complex challenges.”