Week of Action: Volunteers wanted

Date 11.11.2015

BBC News reports now suggest that over 6,000 people are living in makeshift campus outside of Calais, and University of Northampton staff members are being called on to help if they can.

Father Tim Curtis, Senior Lecturer, is leading a Week of Action which will start on Monday 2 November. Tim explained: “We now have gratefully received staff and student donations of clothing, food and supplies, and will be soon taking them to France to be distributed to people in need. What we need now though, are active volunteers – both here, and in Calais.”

Tim continued: “Our objective is to take the van load of clothes we already have collected and distribute them in Calais. While in France, we will visit the refugee camp to find out what other needs they have that the University of Northampton can help with. We are looking for workers and fundraisers here in Northampton as well as a few volunteers to travel with us to France. The long-term volunteers in Calais are now asking for materials (wood, tools and skills) for building and maintaining shelters and keeping warm for the winter – which are issues that the University may be able to help with”

The team have taken over the Gaskell Room in the Senate building, where they will finalise plans. If you would like to help or travel to Calais, please contact Tim Curtis tim.curtis@northampton.ac.uk or Kim Stuart kim.stuart@northampton.ac.uk.