Video games students pick their all-time favourite titles

News Page 18th December 2017

The team of University of Northampton Games Art and Computer Games Design students behind the fantastic Employee of the Month game have come with a list of their all-time favourite video games.

Andrea Maestri – third year Games Art student
Life is Strange

“One of my all-time favourite video games, Life is Strange, is one of few indie games exploring a story-driven experience with interactive choices in a Teen Drama style. I love the art style and how games can spread emotions to the players.”

Adam Cooke – third year Computer Games Design student
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

“This is my favourite game as it revolutionised the way I felt about video games. The game had a in-depth story that arcs perfectly when finished. The game was extremely large compared to other games around at that time. I enjoyed playing the game and still continue to enjoy it today.”

Li Huang – third year Games Art student
Persona 5

“My favourite video game at the moment is Persona 5, a Japanese role-playing game that combines dungeon-crawling with being a high-school student. It only came out earlier this year – but the cast of colourful characters fighting against society’s wrongs and the effortlessly clean art style immediately make it stand out. I’m still only halfway through this beautiful game but I can’t wait to complete it.”

Joshua Jayme – third year Computer Games Development student
Hollow Knight

“My favourite game is Hollow Knight by Team Cherry. It’s a beautiful and challenging metroidvania, set in a seemingly post-apocalyptic bug world. From challenging bosses and obstacles, to the beautiful levels and orchestras that serenade your battles, I love every bit of this game – especially the boss fights! This game is a modern masterpiece, that sadly does not receive the fame it deserves.”

Aaron Sait – second year Computer Games Development student
Age of Empires II

“I’ve always loved planning and managing multiple things at once and that’s why AoE II is my all-time favourite game.  It was hard to decide between Age of Empires II, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Total War: Warhammer II and Xcom 2.

All are ether real-time strategy or turn-based strategy games, but Age of Empires 2 had to win because of the sense of nostalgia it gives me. ”

Andrea, Adam, Li, Joshua and Aaron go under the collective name of Team Cup of Char, and have developed the highly addictive Employee of The Month multiplayer game – watch the trailer below:

The game was initially developed by the team when they were competing at the Brains Eden games jam during the summer – and it was selected as one of the jam’s top five games.

Since Brains Eden, Team Cup of Char have continued to develop the game – and you can now download a playable demo.

The game sees players compete to paint as much of an office as possible in their individual colours – but if one of them is holding their boss – a baby – then their ability to paint is disabled, until they pass the boss to another player.

The game has been warmly received by gamers at UK games expos – including the UK’s biggest games event, EGX, and Play Expo Manchester.

Joshua said: “The reaction to the game has been really positive. It’s such a great feeling to watch gamers you’ve never met before pick up a controller and start playing something you have created, and enjoy it so much. We’ve been thrilled with the reaction.”

Visit the Team Cup of Char website for more details.

If you want to work in the video games industry, check out the University of Northampton’s Computer Games Development and Games Art course pages.


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