University of Northampton PhD graduate awarded international Parapsychological Association award

Date 13.11.2015

Glenn A. Hitchman, a PhD graduate from the University of Northampton, has been awarded the prestigious Gertrude Schmeidler Outstanding Student Award by the Parapsychological Association.

The Parapsychological Association is an international organisation of scholars and scientists who are engaged in the study of psychic experiences, such as telepathy, psychokinesis and precognition. The Association presents four awards a year in various categories.

The Gertrude Schmeidler Outstanding Student accolade is awarded to a student who excels academically, making significant contribution to the parapsychology field through research and involvement. The award is named after pioneering Professor Schmeidler from City College New York, the Parapsychological Association’s first Vice-President.

Glenn studied and worked as an economist before following his desire to conduct Parapsychological research. During his masters degree course he carried out an extra-sensory perception study at the University of Hertfordshire, before undertaking a doctoral research programme at the University of Northampton.

Supervised by Professor Chris Roe and Dr Simon Sherwood, Glenn was recently awarded his PhD after completing four progressive experimental studies with the aim of testing various elements of Stanford’s Psi-mediated Instrumental Response theory. While at the University of Northampton, Glenn also worked on collaborative research projects concerning psychokinesis, remote viewing and a test of Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance using recognition for Chinese symbols.

Professor in Psychology Chris Roe commented: “This is a wonderful recognition of Glenn’s hard work and dedication. Parapsychology is a controversial subject that needs researchers to be particularly careful in how they design their experiments and cautious in how they interpret their findings. Glenn’s research meets those demanding standards and I’m sure he will go on to make a significant impact on the scientific community.”

Glenn is currently lecturing in Psychology at Southwest University in Chongqing, China, and pursuing his research interests in various projects in Asia.

For further information on the Parapsychological Association, visit their website.