University launches Changemaker Credit Union: first Credit Union for students

Date 13.11.2015

The Changemaker Credit Union is a joint initiative between the University’s students and the Northamptonshire Credit Union (NCU) and provides an innovative financial services package for all students and staff of the university.

Credit Unions are social enterprise mutual financial organisations set up by members with something in common to benefit their community. In the changed world of student finance, they provide an alternative, ethical financial service for students who are looking to manage their grants, part-time wages, and the demands of undertaking a university qualification.

Vice-Chancellor Nick Petford commented: “The creation of the Changemaker Credit Union by our students demonstrates their strong commitment to ensuring that all students of the University have access to ethical, responsible, and affordable financial services which enhance their experience and ensures that they are able to manage their finances without having to resort to payday lenders, and other expensive forms of credit.” Nick continued: “The fact that a social enterprise solution has been developed in partnership with Northamptonshire Credit Union is testament to the way social enterprise at the University is being embraced to offer solutions to social needs.”

Mike Oakley, manager of NCU added: “This joint initiative with the University has opened up the credit union movement to a whole new audience, and provides an amazing platform for future development.”

For more information on the Changemaker Credit Union please contact Shoshana Dzialoszynski on 07805204209 or email

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