University furthers international reach by signing Memorandum of Understanding with Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Date 16.11.2015

The University of Northampton has further developed its international reach by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzuAC).

Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton, signed the paperwork with Rector Professor Gulchohra Mammadova from AzuAC on 24 March. The two universities are forming a partnership to facilitate student exchange programmes, and the relationship will also lead to knowledge transfer activities and joint research opportunities.

MoU signing

The University of Northampton’s internationally recognised Centre for Sustainable Wastes Management has led the collaboration, and AzuAC hope to follow Northampton’s footsteps and set up their own Centre for Excellence in Wastes Management. The relationship between the two universities was initiated by recently graduated postgraduate student, Faig Sadigov, who is the lead Environmental Specialist on the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project under the Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Economic Development. Faig is the first student from Azerbaijan to graduate from Northampton in International Waste Management, and has been instrumental in the writing of Azerbaijan’s first Waste Strategy.

The Memorandum signing was witnessed by Rector Professor Gulchohra Mammadova, Prof. Dr Fagan Aliyev (Head of Engineering Faculty) and Mr Najimov Arif (Head of International Programs) from AzuAC, alongside Ruth Copland-Philips from the University of Northampton’s School of Science and Technology.

The University of Northampton is committed to developing international partnerships to offer students a global student experience.

​Pictures: Top – Nick Petford and Gulchohra Mammadova, below – Kamal Bechkoum and Faig Sadigov.