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UN welcomes record number of Research Degree students

Date 11.11.2015

​​The University of Northampton’s Graduate School welcomed a record number of new Research Degree students this week with a four-day induction programme.

Thirty eight students from the University’s Science, Business, The Arts, Social Sciences, Education and Health schools gathered together for the programme of workshops, meetings, discussions and introductions at the start of their doctorate.

As well as learning some of the processes, resources and skills required for their research degree in the coming years, the group also met key University staff and each student had the opportunity to talk about their research.

The Graduate School’s Research Developer, Simone Apel, said: “The Graduate School is delighted to welcome so many new research students this autumn, and from so many different countries around the world.

“Our induction is an intensive four days for the students but is designed to provide the best possible grounding on which to begin their doctorate and cement our commitment to support them throughout their studies at the University.”

The Graduate School runs a Postgraduate Research Student Induction twice a year in March and October. For more information please contact Simone Apel by emailing Simone.Apel@northampton.ac.uk.​