UN research into sustainability practices in India published in leading journal

Date 17.11.2015

Academics from University of Northampton’s School of Science and Technology have had a paper published in the International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, a high impact internationally peer-reviewed journal.

The publication, entitled ‘Sustainability practices and lifestyle groups in a rapidly emerging economy: a case study of Chennai, India’ was a collaboration between academics from Science and Technology and the School of Health, in conjunction with colleagues at the University of Madras.

The research sought to identify and examine clusters of consumption behaviours amongst households in the south Indian city of Chennai. The work was able to not only identify different clusters of consumers amongst the households, but also to evaluate the key factors that impacted upon their use of water and electricity, as well as their sustainable waste management practices.  India has one of the highest economic growth rates and so the findings from this study should be of significance for all rapidly developing economies.  A copy of the article which was published in the International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development is available to download.

The report was written by the University of Northampton’s Terry Tudor, Chris Holt, Nigel Freestone and Sindy Banga, alongside Govindarajan Bhaskaran and Madha Suresh from the University of Madras.