To Brixworth and beyond for student-led film screening

Date 7.03.2018

Students are set to leave the public ‘reeling’ with delight after organising an outdoor screening of a classic animated film for their end of course project.

The fabulous four, all studying Events Management at the University of Northampton, will be screening Toy Story as part of their end of course project on Saturday 12 May at Brixworth Country Park.

As last year’s event, all 500 tickets were snapped up in a matter of a weeks, so this year’s team are hoping to match that.

The team’s aims for the ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ event include raising £5,000 for local homeless charity The Hope Centre.

Although all four members of the group have coordinated the event together, they delegated the duties amongst themselves, so in the main they handled:

  • Laura Smyth – PR, marketing, entertainment, food and drink bookings and stallholder liaison
  • Atlanta Lloyd – Fundraising/sponsorship, project plan manager, venue and client liaison
  • Lauren Farnell – Budget management, AV equipment hire and volunteer recruitment
  • Marie Amon – Risk management (contingency plans, risk assessment, licenses, crowd management), social media.

In Toy Story a little boy’s cowboy doll, voiced by Tom Hanks, feels pushed out when a new spaceman figure, voiced by Tim Allen, appears and replaces him as the top toy in the box.

Not content with just showing a movie, the hard working team have also stretched their organisation skills by planning and laying on fun additions to the main show.

These include face-painting for children and drinks for the parents, all requiring extra levels of resourcing, planning and administration.

Laura Smyth, said of approaching the task at hand: “This experience has been extremely valuable in terms of extending industry networks and working alongside a client.”

Atlanta Lloyd added to this, about what the team learned: “This degree has been great at giving us hands on experience whilst being able to help a good cause. I can’t wait for the final event to be delivered and all the hard work come to life.”

Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite.

For more information please email or see their Facebook page.

The Cinema Under the Stars team also has an Instagram profile.

See the University’s website for more about the Events Management course.