Test of Competence Centre set to reopen

Date 6.07.2020

The University centre which tests the skills and competencies of nursing and midwifery professionals trained outside the EEA and who wish to register to work in the UK, will reopen later this month.

The Test of Competence Centre (CTC) will open its doors to candidates on Monday 20 July, after being closed since 24 March due to the pandemic.

The decision was made by the Nursing and Midwifery Council – who register nurses and midwives – who announced that all three Competence Test Centres (CTC) in the UK can start processing test centre applications.

Although the centre has been closed for more than three months, the CTC team have none the less been busy making sure the centre is fully Covid-19 compliant and ready, in anticipation of a summer reopening. The COVID 19 measures – some of which are pictured above – have been introduced to ensure the safety of both candidates and staff.

A walk-through video has also been made, to further help candidates acclimatise to the centre’s different way of working.

The CTC in its current location opened in March 2017. Prior to lockdown, they examined 699 candidates in February and over the past 12 months they have tested 5,803.

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