Supply chain academic joins national ‘Business Fellows’ network

Date 5.12.2018

A University of Northampton academic has been included in a new national Business Fellows network, which aims to drive closer links between the transport industry and academic research.

Liam Fassam, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Geography, has joined several other influential UK academics in Transport Systems Catapult’s (TSC) first ‘Business Fellow Network for Intelligent Mobility’.

The Business Fellows is a network of experts funded by the TSC and based in academic institutions with strong records in transport research and innovation.

The network has been created to act as a bridge between academia and business, with TSC being central to fostering research that creates robust business models and change in the logistics and transport sector.

Liam said: “There is a gap between Government strategy, business and academic engagement and delivery of large and small infrastructure projects, with no one currently taking a national view to assist in bridging the void between them.

Liam, who is also Reasearch Director for the University’s Institute of Logistics, Infrastructure, Supply & Transportation (iLIST), hails the University’s industry influence, adding: “This will strengthen iLIST’s position within the logistics and transport sector, we have been selected due to our expertise with current projects and social value aspects of transportation – the networks and engagement will expand alongside the opportunities for research grant income and dissemination.

“There are exciting opportunities to develop educational programs which are aligned to research outputs and innovation in logistics and transportation, making the University the place to learn about logistics and transportation themed issues.”

Beata Szoboszlai, Head of Academic Engagement at the TSC, said: “The role of the Business Fellow is to act as the TSC’s intermediary within the host university, feeding back relevant research activities, events, calls and funding successes, on a regular basis.

“The Business Fellows we have chosen are active in the knowledge exchange arena, they are already working for a UK university, have a strong understanding of the industry and university interface, current research outputs and track record of successful Central Research and Development and/or enterprise.”