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Student’s Indian trip was the jewel in the nursing crown

News Page 5th February 2020

A nursing student’s overseas clinical placement ‘of a lifetime’ has stood her in good stead to work with patients from different backgrounds thanks to a £1,000 University bursary.

Kate Butler – from Montgomery, Powys – is currently in the final year of her Adult Nursing degree at the University of Northampton. She secured the money from the Santander Travel Fund to support her during a three week trip to Faridabad, India.

The Santander Travel Fund is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University who wish to travel overseas to help improve their education, employability or entrepreneurship.

During her time overseas Kate volunteered at a drop-in clinic for those with gynaecological needs, helping out at a diabetes clinic and observing doctors performing surgery.

Adult Nursing student Kate Butler helping out in India

Helping hands. Kate provides support at a clinic in Faridabad.

These eye-widening experiences helped Kate shine a light on medical care in poorer areas and increase her communication skills: “The first morning of medical volunteering involved riding in the back of a ‘tuk-tuk’ to a nearby slum school, which hosted a weekly drop-in clinic for both gynaecological and general medical needs.

“It was interesting caring for and treating patients where there was a language barrier because I could develop non-verbal communication skills. One of the doctors also very kindly helped me learn some basic Hindi phrases like ‘how are you?’ and words like ‘cough’ and ‘vomiting’!

“The Santander funding was hugely beneficial to me. Not only did it allow me to go on the trip of a lifetime, but I’ll remember what I did and learned for years to come. Volunteering in Faridabad will benefit me and many of my future patients.”

Students who wish to apply for the Travel Fund should submit an application online.

Find out more about the University’s Adult Nursing degree.

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