Students host successful fashion show to highlight gender equality

Date 28.04.2016

Second-year Fashion Marketing students at the University of Northampton have successfully hosted a fashion show to raise awareness for sustainable and ethical fashion aimed at all genders.

The sell-out U&I Fashion Show took place on Thursday 14 April at the Grosvenor Casino in Northampton and the students took inspiration from the topic of gender equality in today’s society and heavily featured unisex fashion. The students raised a grand total of £700 from selling 100 tickets and this has gone towards the University of Northampton’s exhibition stand at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week, which takes place in June.

Joy Zizinga is one of the students who looked after the PR and marketing for the event. She said: “Organising an event of this size was really a learning experience for us all; especially on the day itself as we had a few hiccups as certain things weren’t going as planned. However, this gave us an insight into how this will also happen in the real world and to be prepared and plan for everything!”

Caroline Lloyd, Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton commented: “The students did an excellent job, especially considering this is the first time they have ever staged a live fashion show.

“During their first year of study they gained a valuable insight, working behind the scenes at the Clothes Show Live, but this year’s assignment required that they develop and stage their own live fashion show. The event was planned from concept through to realisation in a matter of weeks. Naturally this could not have been achieved without the generous contribution from our local stakeholders, Swishing Ltd, Oxfam, Hensman’s Salons and the Grosvenor Casino, to whom we are extremely grateful.”

Fahsion Show