Storing data in meat? Listen and learn with new University of Northampton podcast

Date 20.03.2020

Self-isolators with time on their hands can listen and learn all about the wonderful world of research thanks to a new podcast from the University of Northampton.

The Research and Innovation @UON podcast features staff and students from the University in conversation with presenter, Hilary Scott, who is Deputy Subject Leader for Journalism, Media and Performance.

With three episodes under her belt, Hilary’s been delighted with the way the podcast has been lifting the lid on what research actually is.

She said: “The podcast came from an idea by Computing academic, Ali Al-Sherbaz, who felt that many people not immersed in the university research bubble may not know what research is, and what it entails.

“I’m one of those people – I came from an industry background and was introduced to a whole world of academic endeavour that I didn’t know existed – yet it has a huge impact in society in terms of investigating problems and finding solutions.”

Hilary added: “Our first podcast highlighted what it means to be a student wanting to take their studies to post-grad level and how to work with a supervisor.

“Our next was all about women in STEM – and there is a hilarious discussion about great female researchers and the battles they face.

“Our third was all about the Internet of Things with some of our computing wizards. Did you know data could potentially be shared on meat? Neither did I, and that’s the beauty of these half hour shows – you genuinely learn about stuff just by listening to the experts.”

You can listen to the podcast online and through a variety of streaming services.