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Significant contribution recognised for new Associate Professors

Date 18.08.2020

The University of Northampton is delighted to announce twenty one members of academic staff have been awarded the prestigious title of Associate Professor. The title of Associate Professor recognises significant contributions in the areas of Learning and Teaching, Professional Practice and Enterprise, and Research.

Dr Cathy Smith, Dean of Research, Impact and Innovation at the University of Northampton, said: “The applications for Associate Professor were really strong this year and testify to the excellent research and professional practice and enterprise strengths of the University.

“I was particularly pleased to have received applications from all Faculties and most Research Institutes in the University. These appointments further demonstrate our expertise in the areas of Bioscience, Business and Marketing, Computing, Education, Genetics, History, Leather Technology, Nursing, Policing, Psychology, Social Impact and Sociology. The University is really pleased to recognise the achievements of these individuals.”

Cristina Devecchi, Associate Professor in Education and Chair of the Readers, Associate Professors and Professors Group (RAPP), said: “I look forward to build a strong educational research community at the forefront of socially innovative and impactful research and practice. As the Chair of the Readers, Associate Professors and Professors (RAPP) group, I would like to congratulate colleagues for gaining the title of Associate Professor and welcome them to the RAPP group. Together we share expertise across all disciplines and I look forward to working with them and with current members to support research, enterprise and teaching.”

Will Wise, Associate Professor in Leather Technology, said: “The Associate Professor provides me with a professional title that is recognised around the world.  However, I genuinely feel it goes beyond just a title; it signifies recognition from my peers that my research has international acclaim and impact as well as demonstrating clear intent from the University of Northampton to support career progression.”

Rachel Maunder, Associate Professor in Psychology, said: “I am delighted to be part of the Associate Professor community at the University of Northampton. It is rewarding to have my research achievements and leadership activity formally recognised, and I hope to continue to make a valuable contribution to research and scholarship at the university”.

Michael Opoku Agyeman, Associate Professor in Computing, said: “Such a joyful feeling to be part of the team of Associate Professors at UON. Thanks to colleagues and collaborators. I’m looking forward to continued contribution to our research excellence.”

Kimberley Hill, Associate Professor of Psychology said: “It was wonderful to hear I had been appointed Associate Professor, as this demonstrated that my contribution the University’s research profile and the wider research community had been recognised at such a high level. I look forward to continuing to drive research activity both within and outside of the University and making an impact within wider society, while supporting others to do the same. I would like to thank the panel and those who have provided me with valuable guidance during my research career.”

Mark Rothery, Associate Professor of History, said: “I’m very pleased! I look forward to contributing further to the research culture of UON.”

Claire Paterson-Young, Associate Professor of Social Innovation & Impact, said: “I would like to convey my sincere thanks to the University of Northampton for this appointment.”

Tracey Redwood, Associate Professor of Children and Young People’s Nursing said: “I’m looking forward to learning from likeminded people, the challenge of new opportunities and assisting those within our faculty to engage in research activities.”

Jamal Nasir, Associate Professor Human Genetics & Genomics, said: “I am grateful to Cathy Smith, John Sinclair, members of the selection committee, and everyone I have come across at UON in the past two years since my arrival here, for their friendship, help, advice, patience, encouragement and support.”

Karen Anthony, Associate Professor in Molecular Bioscience, said: “I am delighted to be appointed Associate Professor.  I am grateful for the support of my colleagues, past and present and excited to continue my research for those affected by rare neurological diseases.”

Rachel Garwood, Associate Professor in Leather Technology, said: “I am delighted to have been awarded the title of Associate Professor and look forward to this new-found challenge over the coming few years. It’s great to have the opportunity to further develop my skills under the strand of ‘Professional Practice/Enterprise’ to the benefit of the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT), the wider University and the global leather industry value chain.”

Liz Gulliford, Associate Professor in Psychology, said: “I am delighted to have been made an Associate Professor at UON. I am really pleased to have received recognition for my contribution to research, and I look forward to playing my part in helping the University become a leading and globally-recognised centre for teaching and research in critical positive psychology.”

Amin Hosseinian Far, Associate Professor in Business Systems and Operations, said: “Since working at Northampton, I have had an amazing experience of working with both staff and students at various levels and on a variety of research areas.  I have been extremely impressed with the depth of research which goes on within the Faculty of Business and Law and across the University.  As a newly appointed Associate Professor, I am looking forward to the new and exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

Eunice Lumsden, Associate Professor in Early Years Education said: “The intersection of professional practice and academia is at the heart of my work that aims to impact positively on the lives of children, young people and families. I am therefore delighted that my appointment as Associate Professor is in Professional Practice.”

Helen Caldwell, Associate Professor in Education, said: “This will undoubtedly be an inspiring group to work with and I’m excited to collaborate across disciplines to develop and support research at the University.”

Matthew Callender, Associate Professor in Policing, said; “I am very proud to have been appointed Associate Professor and I look forward to continuing my support for the University in meeting its strategic objectives. Over the past few years, my research in the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice has been making a significant contribution to policing, health and justice. This appointment is a reflection of the importance and value of this work”.

Adrian Pryce, Associate Professor in Strategy and International Relations said: “I am delighted to have been appointed an Associate Professor, in recognition of corporate & community outreach over many years. More importantly and exciting is the opportunity it gives to extend the University’s reach and impact, helping businesses ‘Build Back Better’ from Covid-19 through good corporate citizenship and social responsibility, my areas of research and activity. The aim is to facilitate stronger links between the private-public-third-academic sectors for greater ‘collective impact’ in address the community’s most pressing social problems, creating opportunities for students, staff and local businesses alike to be true Changemakers.”

Federico Farini, Associate Professor in Sociology, said: “Since my first day I have been very committed to working with my colleagues to put the University on the map of innovative and high-impact research and research-driven teaching. I am determined to continue to dedicate time and energy to secure a full maturation of social sciences in the years between the forthcoming research evaluation exercise and the following one. Looking at our diverse and talented group of social scientists, I genuinely feel that the choice to move to UON was a good one for me.”

Mu Mu, Associate Professor in Computing, said: “The Associate Professor title reflects the university’s commitment to supporting impactful research and innovation, which is very much needed during challenging times in higher education. I hope to see more colleagues joining us soon.”

Paul Jackson, Associate Professor in History, said: “I am very honored to be given this promotion, based on my research into the extreme right. I am looking forward to finding ways to use this new position to tackle the issues posed by racist and extremist groups.”