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Research: Interviewees required for research into young, non-binary people

News Page 15th April 2019

New research conducted by a University of Northampton lecturer is looking to increase understanding about young people who do not identify as male or female.

Luke Ward is a Lecturer in Psychology and his work and interests focus on gender, sexuality and identities.

His current research project is looking into how young people who have non-binary genders live in and navigate a world in which people predominantly identify with binary gender identities (male/female).

Luke is looking for non-binary people – inclusive of other identity labels, such as genderqueer –  across the UK and who are aged between 16 and 21 to take part in an interview about their experiences.

The interview lasts an hour and interviewees will even receive a free £10 Amazon gift voucher for taking part.

Commenting on the research, Luke said: “Identifying as having a non-binary gender is increasingly recognised in the West.

“But there has been little research into non-binary genders, as they are often grouped and lost within more general LGBTQ+ studies. A lack of focus on young people that isn’t medically oriented compounds this, so our understanding of what it is to be non-binary is limited.

“I decided to research non-binary genders after I volunteered at an LGBTQ+ youth group for young people. Accounts of their lives and how they make sense of themselves in society, especially concerning the regulations they encounter, were illuminating.

“I look forward to talking with non-binary youth across the country to help contribute to better understanding and awareness of their experiences.”

To take part in the research, email Luke or contact him on Twitter


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