Radio star Jo Whiley to visit the University of Northampton

Date 12.11.2015

Jo Whiley will be discussing her career in broadcasting during a Northampton Chronicles special, after opening the new Jo Whiley radio studio.

Jo will become the latest guest of the Northampton Chronicles; and will be in conversation with journalism lecturer Hilary Scott, as well as fielding questions from a student audience.

Born in Northampton, Jo spent her early years in local radio, and built up to presenting national radio and live TV coverage of the Glastonbury Festival. She has combined her 20 year career with bringing up her four children; staying close to her Northamptonshire roots. Jo was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Northampton in 2002 in recognition of her significant contributions to music broadcasting and for her appreciation of popular music.

The Jo Whiley radio studio will be opened on Tuesday 5 February, the Northampton Chronicles session will take place between 1-2pm in Newton Grand Hall.