Postgraduates reveal their research at annual conference

Date 16.11.2015

Postgraduate research students and early career researchers from the University of Northampton shared the findings of their work at a special conference this week.

Eighteen speakers presented at the Graduate School’s Annual Research Conference 2015, which was held at the University’s Park Campus on Wednesday 17 June.

The theme of this year’s conference was Research Integration, presenting innovative research across disciplines and schools within the University.

The speakers were grouped under four broad themes: Teaching and Learning; Science Impact; Social Responsibility; and Language.

Presentation topics ranged from MBA recruitment strategy and management of the future internet, to the gothic in 21stcentury young adult fiction and sediment pressures in UK rivers.

The themes of the conference echo the Changemaker values of the University: Innovation, Social Responsibility and Creativity.

Professor Simon Denny, Director of Enterprise, Development and Social Impact, who delivered the conference’s welcome speech, added: “The Changemaker Challenges in the University’s Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2020 depend on research. We cannot work with partners to make a positive difference to Northamptonshire unless we are intelligently informed by knowledge we have generated.

“Moreover, we must integrate and synthesize the research carried out by our excellent students and staff to ensure our work has the most impact. Many of our current research projects have relevance to more than one of the four Challenges. Events such as the Graduate School’s Annual Research Conference enable us to identify the integrating threads between projects.”

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Postgraduate research student is pictured speaking at the conference.