Podiatry steps in the right academic direction with prestigious US College

Date 10.07.2017

The University of Northampton has started its first collaborative research programme with a leading North American podiatry college.

Associate Professor of Podiatry Dr. Mike Curran will join the New York Podiatry and Podiatric Medicine College in mid-September to work with Dr Bryan Kagan, an expert in forensic podiatry.

The research will look at the size of footprints recorded at crime scenes and if there are differences with the actual foot size of a suspect.

Dr Curran’s research follows a visit and guest lecture at the University of Northampton from Dr Kagan that resulted in the two institutions signing an agreement to strengthen joint projects and the exchange of academic staff.

This is the first joint research project between the college and the University of Northampton and it is hoped this will encourage international discussion between educators and students.

Commenting on this opportunity, Dr Curran said: “Signing the agreement with the New York Podiatry and Podiatric Medicine College will ensure we make greater strides in podiatric research, including the hitherto neglected area of forensic podiatry.

“This summer, rather like most years, will be a full-on, varied and interesting time for podiatry, so any potential podiatrists should put their best foot forward by studying with us.”

Dr Curran’s trip has been supported by his receipt of an award from Santander Bank that offers financial help to staff who are conducting research.

Dr Curran will also present two research papers at “Circle of Forensics 2017” at the International Association for Identification conference in Atlanta, Georgia in August, including one about the effect of hand-held devices on how we walk.

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