Nursing student to bed down with the homeless this week

News Page 28th November 2018

An enterprising nursing student who is passionate about helping homeless people is putting her principles to the ultimate test – by sleeping rough for a night to support a charity.

First Year Adult Nursing student Amanda Hennelly and her friend Claire Stephen, both from Milton Keynes, are so alarmed at what they see as an increasing number of vulnerable people on the streets of their home town, they have decided to bed down with them on Friday 30 November.

During their street-sleeping stint, they will provide food and supplies, such as sleeping bags and warm clothing, to the people they meet as well as a sympathetic ear.

They hope to raise £2,000 for the Winter Night Shelter in Milton Keynes.

The duo have ensured their own safety and wellbeing during the endeavour by contacting local police as well as being in communication with their husbands.

Amanda and Claire’s ultimate aim is to establish a permanent one-stop support shop for the homeless in Milton Keynes.

Amanda said: “Homelessness has always been something that has made me feel, surely we can do more?

Last year Claire and I went on a sponsored walk with our children to raise money for the winter bus shelter.

“This year we felt we needed to do something bigger. We are both passionate about charitable causes and want to start making a difference, so hope people can support us as we highlight an important social issue.”

To donate to their charity, see their Just Giving page.

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