Making an (IM)PACT at Silverstone

Date 16.11.2015

Researchers from the University of Northampton spent time with Formula 1 fans at Silverstone this week in the run-up to the British Grand Prix.

The Leisure and Languages Subject Group’s research group, (IM)PACT, spent time undertaking its first primary data collection activity at Litchlake Farm campsite, which is home to F1 fans over the race weekend.

The focus group research aimed to gather the views of motorsport fans on their main motivations to attend the grand prix. The research team wanted to understand what the fans enjoy most about the grand prix and what they think will make it a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Justin Lance, Subject Leader, said: “I found the conversations with motorsport fans highly illuminating. The fans clearly have a passion for Silverstone and return year after year to the same campsite to spend time with their friends and to enjoy the Grand Prix.”

(IM)PACT refers to the collaboration of staff in the group involved in a participatory action learning programme to formulate and deliver research and enterprise outputs.

Anna Borley-Russell and Pamela Zigomo are pictured undertaking focus group interviews at the campsite.​