Monday 23 November 2015

Occupational Therapy visit to Mission Motorsport

Three University of Northampton Occupational Therapy senior lecturers, Anne Segalini, Deborah Hewson and Fiona Burbeary, were recently invited to visit Mission Motorsport to carry out environmental and individual assessments.

Mission Motorsport is a national charity which co-ordinates and provides motor sport recovery post time spent in military operations. The charity provides veterans and serving officers, disabled and able bodied individuals the opportunity to take part in motor sport – either through mechanical engineering, being a team member in the pit or becoming a motor race driver.  The charity’s aim is for continued activity engagement and there is a long term duty of care evident in their vocational courses that can be accessed for career progression past the armed forces.

The University of Northampton lecturers were informed of the effects on individuals who had been injured from their military duties; some experienced physical injuries such as amputation or chronic pain, and mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Deborah Hewson explained: “Mission Motorsport has provided individuals with a purposeful occupation and enabled them to turn their lives around.  However, some aspects of engaging in the motorsport activities have proved difficult for some individuals due to their injuries. As Occupational Therapists, we have been able to assess and recommend strategies to enable them to engage in Mission Motorsport activities.  This is the beginning of our involvement in such a great charity and we will be exploring how students may be able to engage with Mission Motorsport in the future.”

To find out more, visit the Mission Motorsport website. Find more information regarding the University of Northampton’s Occupational Therapy degree programme.

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