University of Northampton cancer expert shortlisted for The Royal Society pairing scheme

Date 4.05.2016

Dr Lee Machado, a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at the University of Northampton, has been shortlisted in the Royal Society Pairing Scheme for 2016.

The prestigious scheme pairs research scientists with Parliamentarians, offering an opportunity for participants to experience each other’s worlds. The scheme has significant benefits for both sides; scientists learn how their scientific discoveries influence decisions made in Parliament and inform decision making, and Parliamentarians have the opportunity to understand how these discoveries come to fruition.

Dr Machado explained: “I am delighted to have been shortlisted for the Royal Society pairing scheme and represent the University of Northampton. Participating in the scheme will allow me to develop a greater understanding of how government policy drives science innovation, entrepreneurship and clinical translation.

“My research interests are in chronic long term conditions including infection, inflammation and cancer which are a large and ever increasing burden in ageing populations. I have a particular interest in cancer immunotherapy which has long represented the Cinderella of cancer treatment strategies. Remarkable recent outcomes in the clinic have now thrust immunotherapy back into the limelight. The aim now, is to capitalise on these recent successes, to reduce the burden of cancer, improving the health and wellbeing of the population. This work requires navigating complex regulatory requirements for developing highly experimental therapies, and I would like to use my experience in the Pairing Scheme to interact productively with government and further advance translational research in the UK.”

Dr Machado will find out in August whether he has been successful in his application.