Thursday 24 November 2016


A graduate from the University of Northampton has been named as one of the world’s top 100 human resources professionals by an influential industry body.

J. Kelvin Fallah, who completed his Master’s in Human Resource Management in 2012, has been given the accolade by World HRD Congress – one of the world’s leading HR professional industry events.

The Liberian national, who is Human Resources Director of Cuttington University in his homeland, will find out where in the top 100 he’s been placed at the next Congress, which takes place in Mumbai in February 2017.

“My master’s degree at Northampton had a great impact on my personal career development, helping me to advance on the professional ladder and, ultimately, break in to the top 100 HR professionals,” said Kelvin.

“During my entire studies, I enjoyed the friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and fantastic teaching staff who were always willing to share with me their experiences in the field of HR management.

“One of the things I benefited from was critical discussions with my course-mates, especially the part-time students who brought on the table their practical experiences to the class.

“Case studies of real-life situations were always presented to us to analyse and to find solutions to the problems through critical thinking and past experiences in the field. This taught me that we, as HR professionals, act as lawyers: we look at past cases, how they were solved and how we can use them in other situations, organisations or cultures.”

Kelvin added: “I would definitely recommend the MA Human Resource Management course to others because there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm for academic studies at the University.

“I also had the opportunity to take a placement at Northampton Borough Council, where I gained practical experience in the field. This is one of the strengths of this University – creating placement for its students in their areas of studies. The skills, working experiences and qualifications I have acquired, have made me more employable and have also served as the basis for my role as the Human Resource Director at Cuttington University.”

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