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Keeping chemistry simple – Nigel publishes the antidote to complicated and expensive textbooks

News Page 21st June 2019

Chemistry students who struggle to wade through over-complicated – and expensive – textbooks can now get straight to the point thanks to a new book from a University of Northampton academic.

“Contemporary textbooks in chemistry seem to have adopted the notion that ‘more is better’,” said Dr Nigel Freestone, who is Head of Environmental & Geographical Sciences.

“Most of these books are long, expensive and the pages are cluttered with titbits and restatements of what it is you have ‘just learned’.”

The no-nonsense title of Dr Freestone’s book, Chemistry: A Textbook, is a pretty straightforward indicator to the content within it.

“It’s the antidote to modern chemistry texts – designed to be simple, uncluttered and very much to the point,” said Dr Freestone, who has drawn upon his 30 years’ teaching at the University, and its forerunner, Nene College, for the book.

The book gives emphasis to acquiring an understanding of fundamental chemical concepts in the same way as you learn a foreign language. Explanations are concise, enhanced by simple line drawings designed to appeal to visual learners. Vital vocabulary is also introduced in a step-by-step manner, allowing the learner to start to ‘speak’ chemistry with confidence.

Chemistry: A Textbook is suitable for students studying chemistry worldwide, including AS1/AS2 (UK), AP (US), CBSE Class 12 (India) and undergraduates taking their first class in general chemistry.

It is also for students required to study chemistry as a subsidiary subject; students returning to study the subject after a break from learning; anyone who requires clear chemistry instruction and students on a course who require additional support to progress.

A website complements the book and is crammed full of free resources for both staff and students.

Chemistry: A Textbook costs £24.50 from major retailers including Amazon and Waterstones, but can be ordered for just £12 directly from Dr Freestone by emailing







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