Izabela leaves the audience spellbound at Graduate Fashion Week

Date 16.11.2015

​Fashion student Izabela Mundzik was one of 15 students who showcased their final collections on the catwalk at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week.

Here she talks about her witchcraft-influence pieces and what she wanted to do after she graduates this summer: “I did a two-year Art and Design course before University, which gave me a good standing as part of it merged with fashion and textiles and I was able to decide for myself what worked and what didn’t.

I am really inspired by horror and really dark edgy things so my collection is based on witches and witchcraft. I have researched into how witches in the 18th Century were hunted and killed and the main feature in my concept is long capes and I have made this my focal point.

I’ve worked with a lot of materials and like to merge fabrics together that wouldn’t normally match, such as fake fur and the finest silk. The subject of witchcraft is quite unusual and I wanted to show that in my choice of fabrics.

Being from Northampton, I felt that the University was the right choice for me as I could manage my budget easier and spend money on the things I needed to, such as good fabrics and course materials, rather than on the living costs I’d have incurred if I had have moved away to attend another university. I have really enjoyed my time here as I’ve been able to do whatever I want and have been able to show my personality through my designs.

As my concepts and ideas are a bit dark and edgy, I would love to work for myself in the future and have my own boutique or online shop so I can continue to showcase my brand and what I’m all about.”