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In the news: 7-12 May

Date 13.05.2021

Our Vice Chancellor, Nick Petford, spoke with Times Radio’s John Pienaar about the Higher Education Freedom of Speech Bill and whether it’s needed or will work (starts 1h 36m).

Our Sport & Exercise Science graduate, Ashlee Adebayo, was on BBC Look East, on Thursday, talking about his new role with the Northampton Town FC first team. The clip has expired, but you can read his story on our website.

Our resident health expert, Dr Steve O’Brien, was on BBC Radio Northampton, on Tuesday, for his weekly chat about coronavirus with presenter Annabel Amos (clips at 1h 11m; 1h 50m; 2h 18m and 2h 38m).

BBC Radio Northampton’s Science Detectives, which is co-hosted by our very own Cal Cooper, continued this week. Episode 8 was all about emotions.

The NN Journal carried an opinion piece from our Senior Lecturer in Multimedia Journalism, Kate Ironside. Kate examined why people in Northamptonshire voted for a political party with a track record of mismanagement at local government level in the county.

Kate also appeared on BBC Radio Northampton, on Tuesday, to talk about last week’s local elections (starts 2h 47m). She was also on BBC 3 Counties Radio, on Friday, talking about how Labour can rebuild after losing some long-held strongholds (starts 50m).

Associate Professor in Psychology, Dr Rachel Maunder, was on BBC Radio Northampton, on Tuesday. Rachel explained how psychology can be used to help children fit in at school (starts 1h 7m).

Student Freya Smith spoke to BBC Radio Northampton, on Saturday, about how we are making our campus more hedgehog friendly (starts 1h 53m).

Occupational Therapist, Suzanne Lambert, has won a coveted accolade for being an outstanding mentor to our students – as reported in the Harborough Mail.

Our High Street analyst, Kardi Somerfield, spoke to the BBC about the demise of Northampton’s Debenhams store. Asian Voice also carried the story.

The parapsychology team from the University held a round table discussion and research and reputation, on BBC Radio Northampton, on Friday.

Our TV insider, Brendan Sheppard, had some strong words for Alan Partridge during his weekly telly review on BBC Radio Northampton (starts 1h 43m).