In the news: 4-10 September 2020

Date 10.09.2020

The University of Northampton was highlighted by Raconteur for its expertise in teaching hands-on courses during a pandemic. Senior Lecturer in Fashion, Jane Mills, explained how it’s done.

Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Kate Ironside, analysed the Government’s latest directive on social gatherings. She told BBC Three Counties listeners “If they want people to follow them, they and their advisors must lead by example and not break the rules” (starts 15m).

Kate was also on BBC Radio Northampton, on Monday, discussing the latest Brexit twists and turns (starts 3h 10m).

Our Director of Estates and Campus Services, Becky Bradshaw, appeared on BBC Radio Northampton, on Wednesday, to explain the extensive preparations the University has made ahead of the new academic year (starts 3h 11m).

Vice Chancellor, Professor Nick Petford, spoke to BBC Radio Northampton, on Tuesday, about this week’s earthquake, which affected parts of our region (starts 1h 30m).

Our resident health expert Dr Steve O’Brien also spoke about the new restrictions on social gatherings, when he appeared on BBC Radio Northampton (interviews at 1h 12m and 2h 13m). Steve was also on the station, on Tuesday, with his weekly round up of coronavirus-related issues (interviews at 1h 12m, 1h 47m, 2h 44m).

Textiles graduate, Geeda Inthirakumaran, provided her thoughts on a new Netflix series which charts the career of Indian fashion designer, Masaba Gupta, on BBC 3 Counties Radio (starts 1h 37m).

Daniel Stratford, who is homeless, was interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton about his experiences of living in our student halls during the pandemic (starts 3h 3m).

Jamal Nasir, Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics and Genomics, commented on UK Government policy on Covid-19 in the British Medical Journal.