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In the news: 21-27 May

Date 27.05.2021

Tuesday was the first anniversary of the killing of George Floyd. Our Global Ethnic Majority Staff Network organised a day of activism to promote race equality. BBC Look East reported on how the University has taken steps to promote race equality in Higher Education (clip expired).

ITV Anglia featured an interview GEM arranged with motivational speaker and UON alumnus, Stuart Lawrence (clip expired). Stuart’s interview, which was broadcast on Inspiration FM, was also highlighted on the ITV website.

Stuart’s interview was also highlighted by BBC Radio Northampton (starts 22m).

Our Westminster expert, Kate Ironside, gave her thoughts on Dominic Cummings’ day of retribution to BBC Radio Northampton, on Thursday morning (starts 1h 11m).

Kate was then on BBC 3 Counties Radio discussing the same topic (starts 41m).

Our final year Popular Music students were on BBC Look East television news, on Wednesday evening, as they showcased their talents at an open-air gig (starts 19m 30s).

The concert was part of a three-night run at The Black Prince pub, which was previewed by the Chronicle & Echo.

Photography graduate, Chelsea Nawanga, is a contestant on BBC Four’s Great British Photography Challenge. Episode one aired on Monday evening.

Body language came under the spotlight, on Wednesday, when our Psychology Lecturer, Abbie Marono, spoke to BBC Radio Northampton (starts 1h 12m).

FE News and the Chronicle & Echo featured our new initiative to support students who are estranged from their families.

Senior Lecturer in Early Years, Dr Tanya Richardson spoke to BBC Radio Northampton, on Monday, about running her own nursery before progressing to research into children’s speech and language development (starts 1h 13m).

Our resident health expert, Dr Steve O’Brien, was on BBC Radio Northampton, on Tuesday, for his weekly chat about coronavirus with presenter Annabel Amos (clips at 1h 17m; 1h 43m; 1h 47m and 2h 49m).

Our TV insider, Brendan Sheppard, was on BBC Radio Northampton for his weekly Friday morning telly review. He picked out the best new show on the box and explained why James Corden isn’t welcome on the new Friends show (starts 1h 43m).

BBC Radio Northampton’s Science Detectives, which is co-hosted by our very own Cal Cooper, continued this week. This week’s episode was all about how bees find their way around.