In the news: 13-19 March 2020

Date 19.03.2020

Visiting Professor, Dr Stephen O’Brien, spent Tuesday morning answering BBC Radio Northampton listeners’ coronavirus questions (starts 1h 19m). It followed his appearance on Friday’s Breakfast Show (clips start at 1h 20m, 1h 42, 2h 17m, 2h 41m)

Director of our Institute for Logistics Intelligence, Liam Fassam, was explaining in the Financial Times how the supply chain is being put under strain by the coronavirus (behind paywall).

The students behind online drama House 27 were studio guests on NLive Radio earlier today. Listen again via the Nlive website, select Undiscovered Thursday 19 March and the interview begins 10 minutes into the show.

Graduate Pete Chambers was live on BBC Radio Northampton on Tuesday, talking about his dual careers of town planning and podiatry (starts 25m).

Fashion student, Amy White, spent Monday evening chatting to BBC Radio Northampton DJ, Tim Wheeler, about growing her clothes from scratch (starts 1h 7m)

Sebastian Bartos, Lecturer in Social Psychology, talked about panic buying when he appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio, on Tuesday (starts 39m).

Kardi Somerfield, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Lecturer, was in the BBC Radio Northampton studio on Friday to talk about all things Northampton (starts 9m 30s).