In the news: 12-18 February 2021

Date 18.02.2021

A round up of mentions of our staff, students and the University in the media over the past week.


This week marked the 50 anniversary of decimilisation being introduced in Britain. Senior Lecturer in Journalism Kate Ironside knows about this more than most as her father, sculptor Christopher Ironside, designed the new currency people used. She spoke about this to BBC Radio Northampton’s Annabel Amos. Listen again here (starts 2hr 11 mins in).

Kate’s story also featured on several other BBC Radio stations: Essex, Solent Breakfast and Drivetime, Berkshire, Oxford, 5 Live, Scotland, Wiltshire, Cornwall, West Midlands, Kent, 3 Counties.

Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business Adrian Pryce spoke to BBC Radio Northampton’s John Griff about an innovative new project in Wellingborough which aims to break the cycle of youth crime. Listen again here (starts 1hr 10mins in).

This story was also reported by the Chronicle and Echo.

Events Management and Hospitality Senior Lecturer Claire Eason-Bassett spoke to Tech Britannia about the 20 anniversary of the Agile manifesto.

Our TV insider and senior Lecturer in Media Production Brendan Sheppard appeared in his regular BBC Radio Northampton slots. He spoke about: Musicals, real life crime programmes and amazing hotels. Listen again here (starts 1hr 43 mins in).

And on Tuesday, he was back on BBC Northampton with evening show host Tim Wheeler, discussing what possible, fantasy TV show actor Shaun Williamson (aka Barry Evans from Eastenders) could star in. Listen again here (starts 1:40:00).

Our regular coronavirus expert Dr Steve O’Brien spoke to BBC Radio Northampton’s Annabel Amos about issues surrounding our ‘route out’ of lockdown, expected to be announced next week. Listen again here (1hr 10; 1hr 42; 2hr 18; 2hr 45).

Senior Lecturer in Social Care Christine Collymore chatted with BBC Radio Northampton’s Helen Blaby as part of her ‘afternoon academics’ series. She spoke about her passion for developing other care professionals and a number of issues in the sector related to our new, two-year, Applied Social Care degree. Listen again here (1hr 10).

Politics and International Relations student Jay Mainprize has just launched a pies-to-you-door food and delivery company. He chatted to BBC Radio Northampton’s Bernie Keith about his products and how he sold out on his first day of trading. Listen again here (starts 3hrs 18 mins).